Sarras 2000

Lenon Matwel Andrey, who is in love with the Whore of God city.

Sarras 2000 is an alcohol-producing factory located in the United States. There is a 19-year-old who works in this factory named Lenon Matwel Andrey. Since his parents passed away, he and his two younger brothers live in the city dumpster behind the alcohol factory. Andrey lives in a dumpster with his brothers in all sorts of emotional depressions under difficult circumstances. His brothers don't go to school because Andrey doesn't have the money to pay for his brothers ' education. Andrey, who had to work for $ 500 in the early 2000s, was a self-aware personality who overcame the challenge of living conditions. He felt his ordinary life, his co-workers complaining about his stinking clothes, his lame psychology to the fullest... Major was depressed but knew to the fullest the psychology that his death would leave on his siblings, and knew that standing up was now a forced Act of life. He had no luxury of collapse, but he was no longer able to stand. The walls couldn't even reach you. Because he didn't even have a house or a cabin. He was just sitting at bus stops, wandering around, hoping maybe he'd notice me. In case someone finds out I'm human. Andrey, who has never had sex in his life. He was deprived of that feeling. Sleeping in an old rotten refrigerator, Andrey hears the laughter of a man and a woman between sleep and wakefulness. Andrey is surprised. Because God wouldn't have a human being in the city's garbage. She stood up, her torn dress didn't protect her from the cold, she was cold. Andrey suddenly sees a man and a woman having sexual relations behind the dumpster in front of him. Andrey calls out: what's going on there? The man who has sexual intercourse flees quickly. She confronts Andrey, she is embarrassed, and Andrey is surprised. Waiting for her to recover, Andrey tells her you're in the wrong place, Ma'am.
Woman: you must be in the right place!
Andrey: I'm home.
Do you live in a dumpster? (Sarcastically)
Since I'm not in the Palace! Why are you people here?
Woman: My Name Is Laura, because my family is oppressive, my boyfriend and I came here in a sudden rush. You stopped us.
(Laura was the shady president of that time, George W. Bush was his wife's name.)
Andrey: I was surprised that a person came to this dump in the middle of the night, so I called it that. And your lover's bravery is admirable. So brave and so scared to come here. Well, I guess if your boyfriend's not from Ohio, I'm gonna give that complexity to Apache. (Ohio is a state in the United States)
Laura: who are you?
Andrey: I am The Titan who is narrated by even the most heroic warriors.
Laura: you're really good. What is your name?
Andrey: Lenon Matwel Andrey
Laura: I'm happy. Wasn't at that meeting, though.
Andrey: I don't meet whores. (Surprised Laura looks senseless at this remark)
Laura: no unpleasantness tomorrow there's a bar by the Leyron. I usually hang out there. But don't come in these clothes.
Laura goes. Andrey checks in on his brothers at the dump buried in silence and passes to his bed (the refrigerator).
Andrey feels impressed because she had beautiful eyes. He could only choose his fiery eyes in the dark. His fiery eyes were warm enough to take my coat off at -70 degrees. (Andrey's coat is no. Looking up at the sky in sweet drunkenness, Andrey decides to go to that bar tomorrow.
Andrey, who fed his brothers after work, had not washed for 1 Week. He had the key to the factory in his hand, and he went inside and showered in the bathroom where the mouse couldn't live. In the dumpster, you wear a pair of shoes that are too big for your feet, and you wear some decent clothes.
he took one last look at his brothers. Andrey was so prepared to go on a date for the first time. He'll make his way to the bar. It was on your way to the bar. When he walks into the bar, he can't see Laura. He's got $ 15 in his pocket.he said one beer. Andrey was drinking slowly, Laura, in case he came here to stay a little longer. Andrey was getting a lot of attention watching people like a bar stalker who got distracted. The difficulties he had were passing in front of him like lanes in the harmony of this entertainment venue. He's mad as hell against God. Waiting for the warm look to come. The bar owners didn't like it, so they wheezed and threw Andrey out with his beer. Andrey, who took a bit of a blow, didn't care about anything. He went to a stray dog and lay down. Andrey, whose world was spinning, was high. It was raining. Andrey, who saw the mist, saw something hot. Laura stood up to him. You turned the bar upside down, Andrey. Is it worth it to a woman? Who doesn't like young you a whore! Andrey: you have beautiful eyes. Would you look at me for a minute without saying anything and keeping an eye on me? Laura: Sure.
Andrey is now the richest man in the world, experiencing feelings he never knew, staring deep into his eyes as if he were eating the Forbidden Apple and being handcuffed to this punishment. If the world were destroyed, he wouldn't be able to distract her. Laura: if you look any more, I'll write a fee.
(They laugh!)
Andrey: how much is a nightgown for the quality of it?
(They laugh again!)
Laura: I have to admit, you're very attractive.
Andrey: Thank you for taking time with your eyes on me.
Laura: Thank you in that tight spot by the bar.
Laura and Andrey had an affair that night, and they did it in public like stray animals. Andrey had fallen in love. He was in his first relationship at this moment full of adrenaline every second. It was premature ejaculation. It's probably a lot of masturbation, and he said We'd make it up to him with a laugh. With her beautiful body above her imagination, Andrey was having an orgasm every second in front of her.
Andrey didn't go to work the morning of that day. When Andrey woke up, he had a strange feeling that it was all a dream. He's a little scared. He couldn't remember anything except hot eyes. Andrey, who went to that bar every night, didn't even feel a wind from Laura. For years went there.
God said he fell in love with the city's whore and said he was trying for nothing. After returning to his dumpster with ruined hopes. While he was drinking his Sarra. On a piece of paper;

Why should I die alone if I'm going to die alone? In a life where I was caught with a toilet brush, I got a chance to decorate the bedroom of a person who cared about me, albeit briefly. I used to live my wife and children in the city's suffocating wasteland. A once-in-a-lifetime game of chance came along and made it a thousand worse. Flawed woman, I didn't know sex couldn't be with you. Flawed woman, your eyes burning me in the freezing air didn't kill me, but they made me worse. Every time I looked at you, I looked for a puddle next to me. I haven't tasted love in a long time. I've been looking for a long time, but I couldn't find you, Laura. Lenon Matwel Andrey

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