OGPro Mobile Applications

OGPro mobile applications are webview social network mobile applications developed for WoWonder and Sngine.

OGPro is a series of ultimate webview applications specially designed for both Android and iOS platforms. Developed using Java for Android and Swift for iOS, these applications are meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with the WoWonder and Sngine platforms. Aiming to elevate the user experience to the highest level, OGPro offers a myriad of advanced features and integrations.

Real-Time Notification Support

One of the standout features of OGPro is its real-time notification support for the WoWonder and Sngine platforms. Even when the application is closed, users receive instant notifications whenever someone likes their post or leaves a comment. This ensures that users remain engaged and informed about their social interactions at all times.

OneSignal Notification Support

To provide more flexibility and options in notifications, OGPro comes with OneSignal notification support. OneSignal is a reliable platform that sends billions of notifications globally, and with this integration, OGPro users can receive fast and reliable notifications.

Firebase Integration

OGPro also stands out with its Firebase integration. Firebase offers a wide range of services such as real-time databases, user authentication, and app analytics. With this integration, you can monitor your app's performance, analyze user behavior, and implement real-time updates as needed.

AdMob Support

Monetization becomes easier and more efficient with OGPro. Thanks to AdMob support, you can generate revenue through your application by displaying ads in various formats, providing an optimal advertising experience for your users. This feature enhances the economic sustainability of your app.

GIF-Supported Splash Screen

To make your app's launch screen more appealing, OGPro offers GIF-supported splash screens. Dynamic and eye-catching launch screens enhance the initial impression of your app and provide a professional look.

WebRTC Support

With evolving technology, real-time communication has become a crucial feature in applications. OGPro, with WebRTC support, allows you to offer high-quality voice and video calls to your users. This feature is particularly advantageous for social media platforms, increasing user interaction.

Additional Features

Other notable features of OGPro include fast and easy navigation, user-friendly interface, customizable theme options, and high-performance operation principles. Additionally, it is supported by an infrastructure that is continuously updated and developed to meet the needs of your application.


OGPro is a comprehensive mobile application solution optimized for both WoWonder and Sngine platforms, aiming to maximize the user experience. With real-time notification support, OneSignal and Firebase integrations, AdMob support, GIF-supported splash screen, WebRTC support, and many other advanced features, OGPro accelerates and simplifies the mobile app development process. Get acquainted with OGPro today to start delivering an exceptional mobile experience to your users.


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